Brock Lesnar’s Iconic Feature Returns in WWE 2K24, Here’s How to Execute It

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WWE 2k24 has been receiving good reviews from several critics due to the new features that it brings to the table. In addition to these features, some previously beloved features have been reintroduced in the game yet again this year. One of them is something that Brock Lesnar was famous for, in particular, during his match against Big Show in a 2003 episode of SmackDown, which is breaking the ring.

First, the moment played out between Brock Lesnar and Big Show, when the former hit a superplex. This ended up as one of the most iconic moments in WWE history. The breaking of the ring has been in the WWE 2k series in the last few entries and has made an appearance yet again in 2K24.

Brock Lesnar’s iconic moment can be recreated in WWE 2K24

Due to some public controversies, WWE has distanced itself from The Beast Incarnate. As a result, Brock Lesnar can’t be seen in WWE 2k24’s main roster anywhere without the help of community creations. However, the promotion didn’t remove the iconic moment that he gave us on SmackDown back in 2003.

During the episode, he wrestled against Big Show and ended up giving him a superplex which brought down the squared circle. Although it wasn’t the only time it happened, this was the first-ever incident in the Stamford-based company. WWE added this feature to the games and here’s how to execute it in 2k24.


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Much like the previous few games, you would first have to select either a star from the super heavyweight or heavyweight category. Then proceed to damage the opponent enough to bring their torso in the red or orange zone. Escort the injured opponent over to a corner and hit ‘up’ on the right stick to seat them on the top turnbuckle. Hold ‘circle’ if you’re playing on PlayStation or ‘B’ if you’re playing on Xbox. This will trigger the ring-breaking superplex from the top of a corner.

Although this is an old feature re-introduced in the new game, several major changes are exclusive to the latest edition in the series.

New features in WWE 2k24

If you are considering buying the new WWE game, then these newly introduced features in the game might help you make your mind up for you. Not only has the development team involved new match types but have also added a brand new quick-time event to the match, centered around striking the opponent endlessly.

Moreover, the mechanics have significantly changed with ‘throwing’ props now also included in WWE 2k24. There are more that you may want to discover before buying the game.

These major changes along with the return of previously introduced features make WWE 2k24 loved by many fans. What are your thoughts on the ring break and WWE 2K24 as a whole?

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