Doggone it: Messi, the canine star of 'Anatomy of a Fall,' won't attend the Oscars, much to our dismay

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Messi, the blue-eyed border collie who stared in 'Anatomy of a Fall,' laying on the ground looking sweet.

Sadly, the Oscars won't be a walk in the dog park this year. One of the most beloved Hollywood rising stars, Messi, won't be in attendance.

Messi, the blue-eyed border collie who matched Best Actress nominee Sandra Hüller's performance in Anatomy of a Fall as Snoop, became a fan favorite of this awards season and an apparent industry enemy.

The Palm Dog recipient attended the Oscars nominees luncheon where he met a starstruck Ryan Gosling. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Messi's stunning blue eyes didn't work on everyone. Other companies with nominated films complained to the Academy that Messi's appearance gave the film an advantage in the voting period.

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Before the French courtroom thriller was nominated for five Academy Awards, it gained quite the online fandom. Viewers posted fan cams of "the hot lawyer" played by Swann Arlaud ,and both Hüller and director Justine Triet received the "mother" treatment. But it's their four-legged friend that garnered the most attention. When the news of Messi's upcoming absence broke fans quickly reacted on X / Twitter.

One fan wrote, "complaining cause they didn’t have a banger awards strategy. you are not a victim! not at all!" in response to studio complaints about Messi's star power. Another said, "everyone should be embarrassed." Someone else questioned, "how are you as a grown adult beefing with a dog."

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The internet's defense of Messi is almost as strong as the hot lawyer's defense of Hüller's character in the film. One Messi champion said, "mind u the dog gave a better performance than some of the nominees." Another wrote, "oh they are scared he’ll get all the attention… scared of a REAL movie star." Another fan pointed out, "He is part of the ensemble nominated for Best Picture."

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If only the justice that was served for Hüller's character could also benefit Messi.

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