Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin Overshadowed as Fans Swarm “Chrome Heart Bag” Post With Shakur Stevenson Callout

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Gervonta Davis pushed his pedal to the metal for his upcoming fight in June. He’s currently indulged in training and decided to share some snippets of his preparation with the boxing fans. As of now, he’s, reportedly, signed a deal with the PBC to fight against Frank Martin on June 15th. However, these dates are still supposed to be tentative.

Even if Davis hits the canvas on this date, it’ll be almost 14 months since he had participated in a boxing fight. As for Frank Martin, it would be around an 11-month break before he gets inside the ring again. So, both fighters haven’t been fighting for a long time now, and they must train hard to get rid of the rust. Well, it’s safe to say, Davis has gotten serious about it.

Gervonta Davis trains in style

In his latest Instagram Post, Gervonta Davis shared 10 pictures from inside and outside of his gym in Houston, Texas. In all of the pictures, one thing was common and that’s the unique style of Davis. In the first picture, ‘Tank’ donned Balenciaga pants with nothing on top, smiling with his trainer Calvin Ford. Then he wore a camouflage cap in the sixth photo.


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However, the eighth one remained the fan-favorite, where Davis had a chrome hearts bag hung up on his shoulders while he looked at his phone’s screen. Besides all of this, Davis seems locked in for his upcoming bout, as he wrote somewhat of a poem in the caption, “The money I want non negotiable.. I’m uncontrollable, unacceptable, unapproachable ..if you only knew, im one of the chosen few!

Even though Davis vs. Martin is the news at hand, the fans showered the comments section about his Chrome Hearts bag and urged him to fight Shakur Stevenson instead.

Fans keep their demands in front of ‘Tank’ Davis

Gervonta Davis isn’t just a hard hitter in the ring, he’s a trendsetter outside of it. His latest Instagram post showcased photos from his gym session, but it was his eye-catching chrome heart bag that stole the show for many fans.

Davis, known for his flamboyant style, has struck a chord with fans who appreciate his fashion choices alongside his fighting prowess. One commented, “Chrome heart bag is crazy.

Well, the other one also resonated with this sentiment, and they also mentioned the stylish bag on Davis’s shoulders. They wrote, “Chrome hearts bag is tuffffff.

However, some weren’t interested in a fashion critique. They made their fight preferences, “Fight Shakur or shut up.

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These fans are eager to see Davis step into the ring with Shakur Stevenson, a potential super fight that has been a topic of discussion for a while now. Another one also wrote, “You vs Shakur next give the people what they want.

While Shakur might be the ultimate dream fight for some, Davis has more immediate business to settle against Frank Martin. One supporter confidently declared, “u gon knock frank martin out.”

Gervonta Davis, it seems, can’t escape the fight spotlight, even when his focus is on training. Whether fans are critiquing his chrome heart swag or demanding a future showdown with Shakur Stevenson, Davis will always keep the fans talking about him. What are your thoughts on Davis’s photos? Tell us in the comments section.

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