Indeed rolls out AI-powered tools to help recruiters connect with job seekers

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Indeed is now using artificial intelligence (AI) to help users get hired.

The job site has redesigned the profile page available to users, allowing them to utilize AI to build their profiles to match the types of jobs they're searching for.

"The more information people share, the more personalized their profile experience on Indeed becomes. This includes tailored job recommendations that help people find the right job for them, faster," the company said in a press release.

The website will also "soon" offer another AI-powered tool that will help users update the descriptions of their work experience on their profile.

On the employer side, Indeed has introduced a suite of AI-powered products called Smart Sourcing that allows recruiters to search for candidates who fit their job descriptions.

One of the features presents recruiters with applicant summaries generated through AI. The tool explains "why someone is a good fit for a role, speeding up the evaluation process," the company said

Indeed is also using the technology to generate smart messages between recruiters and candidates, as well as schedule interviews.

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