JESSE WATTERS: Nothing Joe Biden can say tonight will make us forget his failure

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Fox News host Jesse Watters shreds President Biden’s job performance ahead of the State of the Union address on "Jesse Watters Primetime."  

JESSE WATTERS: Biden has never been the main character of Washington. He plagiarizes from the main character. He spent eight years as the number two, and 30 years as one of 100 senators. Biden, the politician, has never been able to motivate the masses. A golden tongue he does not possess.  


They say that Joe Biden cares about regular folks, but even that reputation soured as the union hasn't been strong, and the president hasn't lifted a finger. America today is more expensive and dangerous than it was four years ago. We've been invaded by millions of migrants and some of them have committed the most heinous crimes: child rape, assault and murder. Illegal immigration is now the top issue in the nation and the president, who has the power to address it, casts blame and dodges expecting the media to cover for him.  

With wars in Europe and the Middle East the American taxpayers are financing, we feel uneasy and lack confidence in the commander-in-chief, who seems distracted while we beg for his attention. So, tonight will be a campaign speech instead of an honest assessment. The president has created problems and blamed others for not solving them. So, expect to hear hoaxes, smears, and spin. We'll hear how he's saving democracy here and around the world, how he neutralized the pandemic and how he'll restore Roe v. Wade and anybody who disagrees is an extremist. The American people have heard it before and nothing Joe Biden can say tonight will make us forget his failure. 

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